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A Time for Reflection

As the year draws to a close it provides a great opportunity for reflection. You know that the symbol of Team Massive Results is a spiral and I chose the spiral because it strikes me that there is a cyclical nature about life. Every day starts with a new dawn, every week starts with a Monday, and every year ends in December and begins on January the first. The message of the spiral is when we come right back to the beginning again are we coming back at the same level? Some of us will have grown our selves and our businesses significantly since this time last year, some of us will have stood still, and yet more of us will have slipped backwards. So you will be circling. It is almost impossible to stand still. The question is, are you spiralling up or are you spiralling down? In fact things are changing and developing so quickly that if we haven’t moved measurably forward I will contend that in these days of extreme competition we will have effectively moved backwards. I think it was James Rohn who said that “reflection turns experience into insight”. As you sit down this year end, take some time to reflect on where you are and what speed and direction you are moving in. To help you focus I have listed 12 great questions that you may want to address as you take some time for a little quiet personal reflection.

I recommend that you “Think in ink” so take a piece of paper and a pen to note your answers and direct your reflection to answering these 12 questions.

Thinking back to 12 months ago…. What do you know now that you didn’t know then about……

  1. Yourself?
  2. Your Business?
  3. Business Generally?
  4. Your Competitors?
  5. Your Customers or clients as a group?
  6. Your top clients individually?
  7. Leadership?
  8. Sales and Marketing?
  9. One of the top leaders in your field?
  10. Success topics like self motivation or time management?
  11. Marketing topics like direct response advertising, the internet or social media?
  12. Methods.. a means, process or technique of doing something useful to you, whether manufacturing your widget faster or making sales presentations more effectively?

The honest answers that you give to these questions will be a greater predictor of your business and personal success in 2011 and beyond than just about anything else. W Edwards Deming said, “Learning is not compulsory, but neither is survival.”. In these days of rapid change and competition we owe it to ourselves and our families to make sure that our trajectory is always an upward spiral. Watch out for the next blog which will help you plan for a brilliant New Year.