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A Brilliant New Year

A friend asked me what my thoughts were on the coming year and he was surprised that my response was so positive. Given all of the dire warnings of the last few weeks he asked me why.

I explained that Peter Drucker’s definition of an entrepreneur was someone who always searches for change, responds to it, and exploits it as an opportunity. If there is any truth in that statement there is opportunity everywhere, for everyone. I have noticed some businesses have done very well since the pandemic began almost 2 years ago. Others, not so well.

The difference? Very often it has been the mindset of the people in those businesses. So I believe that the coming year will be good for those businesses who choose to make it good, who are prepared to flex, to pivot, to see and exploit the opportunity. Similarly for individuals with a similar mindset. For those too set in their ways and those trying to cling to a past that no longer exists the coming year holds a very different prospect. That is a choice. Which will you choose? Inevitably business owners get exhausted and burnt out as they try to grow their business.

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